Staples, Glue & Rivets

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Arrow Heavy Duty Staples 1/4"Arrow Fastener Inc$1.99
Arrow Heavy Duty Staples 5/16"Arrow Fastener Inc$2.19
Arrow Heavy Duty Staples 9/16"Arrow Fastener Inc$2.69
Staple 1/4" T-50 1250pkArrow Fastener Inc$4.29
Staple 5/16"t-50 1250pkArrow Fastener Inc$4.29
Staple 3/8" T-50 1250pkArrow Fastener Inc$4.29
Staple 1/2" T-50 1250pkArrow Fastener Inc$4.29
Staple T-50 17/32"pk1250Arrow Fastener Inc$4.79
Staple T30&32 3/16bx1000Arrow Fastener Inc$7.49
Staple T-75 7/8" Bx1000Arrow Fastener Inc$10.49
Staple T30&32 1/4"bx5000Arrow Fastener Inc$8.49
Staple T30&32 5/16bx5000Arrow Fastener Inc$8.49
Staple Jt-21 1/4" Pk1000Arrow Fastener Inc$3.79
Staple Jt-21 5/16"pk1000Arrow Fastener Inc$3.79
Staple Insul Clr5/16b300Arrow Fastener Inc$7.99
Staple Insul Blk5/16b300Arrow Fastener Inc$7.99
Staple T-75 5/8" Bx1000Arrow Fastener Inc$10.49
Nail Brad 9/16"b&: PwrshArrow Fastener Inc$6.49
Staple Flt Crwn5/16b5000Arrow Fastener Inc$3.79
Staple Flt Crwn3/8bx5000Arrow Fastener Inc$3.79
Staple Flt Crwn1/2bx5000Arrow Fastener Inc$3.99
Staple Insulat 1/4"bx300Arrow Fastener Inc$7.99
Staple Insulat 5/16bx300Arrow Fastener Inc$7.99
Nail Brad 1-1/4" Bx2000Arrow Fastener Inc$8.99
Nail Brad 3/4" BrownArrow Fastener Inc$7.99
Nail Brad 1" BrownArrow Fastener Inc$8.99
Nail Brad Wht 1" Bx2000Arrow Fastener Inc$8.49
Staple Arrow 3/8" Bx1250Arrow Fastener Inc$13.99
Rivet Ss 5/32"mediumArrow Fastener Inc$3.49
Rivet Ss 5/32" ShortArrow Fastener Inc$3.49
Rivet Ss 1/8"longArrow Fastener Inc$3.49
Rivet Ss 1/8"mediumArrow Fastener Inc$3.49
Rivet Ss 1/8"shortArrow Fastener Inc$4.29
Nail Brad 5/8" Bx500Arrow Fastener Inc$4.99
Staples T37 1/2"Arrow Fastener Inc$2.99
Staples T37 3/8"Arrow Fastener Inc$3.69
Staples T25 9/32"Arrow Fastener Inc$2.29
Wire Attachment T50Arrow Fastener Inc$3.19
Wire Attachment Screen T50Arrow Fastener Inc$3.60
Gun SlingerArrow Fastener Inc$3.49