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Tally HandheldBen Meadows Company, Inc.$16.80
Rule EngineerBen Meadows Company, Inc.$7.99
Rule ArchitectBen Meadows Company, Inc.$7.99
Rule ArchitectBen Meadows Company, Inc.$23.99
Powered Tape Measure 25'Black & Decker$29.99
Calculator Const MstrproCalculated Industries$65.99
Calculator ProjectcalcCalculated Industries$21.99
Rule Tape Centerpt3/4x16Centerpoint Tools$9.99
Rule Tape Centerpt 1x25'Centerpoint Tools$10.99
Rule Tape 1x25'quickreadCoopertools$13.49
Rule Tape 1x50' LufkinCoopertools$25.99
Rule Tape1/2x10'merzuralCoopertools$11.99
1/2x12' Lufkin Tape MeasureCoopertools$12.89
Rule Tape3/4x12'merzuralCoopertools$17.99
Rule 6'wood Fold Out#460Coopertools$8.79
6' Inside Read Fold RuleCoopertools$7.99
Rule 6'wood Fold Out#066Coopertools$12.49
Rule 6'wood Fold In#066fCoopertools$13.49
Rule 6'wood Fold In/outCoopertools$13.49
Rule 6'wood Fold In#x46xCoopertools$25.89
Rule 6'wood Fold Out#x46Coopertools$19.99
Rule 6'wood Fold In#x46fCoopertools$19.99
Rule6'wood Fold Out#hx46Coopertools$25.99
Rule Engineer Fold 6'Coopertools$14.99
Rule Mason Fold 6'Coopertools$17.99
Rule Mason Fold6'modularCoopertools$19.49
Rule 8'wood Fold In ReadCoopertools$21.99
Rule Tape 1/4x6' Pee WeeCoopertools$7.49
Rule Tape 1/4x10' LufkinCoopertools$8.99
Rule 1"tape 25' Vis OrngCoopertools$14.99
Tape 1"x25' Series 1000 YellowCoopertools$9.99
Rule 100' SpeedwinderCoopertools$35.99
1" X 25' Tape RuleCoopertools$8.99
Rule 1"tape 33' Vis OrngCoopertools$14.99
100' Yel Baner Tape W/hkCoopertools$37.99
Brick Mason Folding RuleCoopertools$17.99
Rule Tape 1x25 W/6'tapeCoopertools$7.99
Rule Tape 3/4x16' LufkinCoopertools$10.79
Rule Tape 1"x25' UnilokCoopertools$12.99
Rule Power Tape 1"x30'Coopertools$15.99