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Gauge Butt 4-1/2"Adjustable Clamp Co.$9.98
Gauge Butt 3"Adjustable Clamp Co.$7.29
Engineer RulerBen Meadows Company, Inc.$6.99
Architect RulerBen Meadows Company, Inc.$7.39
Architect RulerBen Meadows Company, Inc.$7.39
Stethoscope ProfessionalCal-van Tools$16.99
Compass Beam W/rod DascoDasco Pro Inc.$9.49
Router Depth GaugeEmpire Level Mfg Corp$2.99
Gauge Saw/routerdepthcd2Empire Level Mfg Corp$4.59
Caliper Digital 6"Enkay Products Corporation$42.99
Caliper Dial 6"Enkay Products Corporation$29.99
Caliper Digital 6" Big ScreenEnkay Products Corporation$49.99
Mirror Inspection PlasticEnkay Products Corporation$1.26
Gauge Nut & BoltEnkay Products Corporation$4.49
Gauge ContourEnkay Products Corporation$6.99
Micrometer 1"Enkay Products Corporation$8.99
Loupe Eye 3-1/2xEnkay Products Corporation$3.99
Loupe Eye 10xEnkay Products Corporation$4.99
Saw Drill Carded 1/4''Enkay Products Corporation$3.49
Indicators SpeedStarrett/evans Rule$109.99
Pin Punches Drive 3/32Starrett/evans Rule$7.49
Gauge StairStarrett/evans Rule$20.99
Point For 18aa & 18aStarrett/evans Rule$5.49
Gauge Screw Pitch #6Starrett/evans Rule$39.88
Combination SetStarrett/evans Rule$59.99
Gauge ThicknessStarrett/evans Rule$56.90
Caliper Yankee InsideStarrett/evans Rule$28.50
Caliper Yankee OutsideStarrett/evans Rule$20.40
Divider YankeeStarrett/evans Rule$39.99
Pin ViseStarrett/evans Rule$21.99
Gauge TeleStarrett/evans Rule$36.99
Rule 6"Starrett/evans Rule$27.49
Rule Steel With HookStarrett/evans Rule$23.99
Gauge Small HoleStarrett/evans Rule$38.99
Wrench TapStarrett/evans Rule$27.75
Gauge 579a Tele GaugeStarrett/evans Rule$33.99
Screwdrvr Jeweler'sStarrett/evans Rule$7.99
Center HeadStarrett/evans Rule$23.99
Calipers 73a-8Starrett/evans Rule$23.09
Calipers 79a-8Starrett/evans Rule$23.09