Pneumatic Fastners

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Deck Staples 1-1/2x7/16All Specs$22.49
Deck Staples 2x7/16All Specs$27.99
Lace Leather 1# BundleChase Leather Products$6.79
Staples Senco 1/2x1/4Kentec$26.79
Nails Senco 10d 3x.131Kentec$49.47
Nails Senco 10d 3x.131 GalvKentec$64.77
Nails Senco 8d 2-3/8x.113Kentec$69.95
Nails Senco 8d 2-1/2x.113 GalvKentec$89.95
Nails Senco 3x.120Kentec$34.99
Nails Finish Senco 3d 1-1/4Kentec$21.56
Nails Finish Senco 4d 1-1/2Kentec$26.76
Nails Finish Senco 5d 1-3/4Kentec$35.96
Nails Finish Senco 6d 2"Kentec$41.16
Nails Finish Senco 8d 2-1/2Kentec$39.03
Staples Senco Galv 7/8x1/4Kentec$14.45
Staples Senco Galv 1x1/4Kentec$15.45
Staples Senco Galv 1-1/4x1/4Kentec$18.45
Staples Senco Galv 1-1/2x1/4Kentec$26.90
Staples Senco Galv 1-1/4x7/16Kentec$51.90
Staples Senco Galv 1-3/4x7/16Kentec$64.90
Staples Senco Galv 2x7/16Kentec$71.90
Brads Finish 1-3/4x16gaKentec$14.99
Brads Finish 2"x16gaKentec$16.99
Brads Finish 2-1/4x16gaKentec$22.99
Brads For Ls2 3/4"Kentec$16.99
Brads For Ls2 1"Kentec$19.99
Brads For Ls2 1-1/4"Kentec$19.99
Fuel Cell For 325Kentec$7.99
Fuel Cell For 250Kentec$7.99
Nailer Brad 1.25Kentec$132.98
Nailer Brad 2"Kentec$178.98
Stapler L Wire 1-1/2"Kentec$184.98
Brads 18ga X 1", Cp, GalvKentec$5.99
Brads 18ga X 1 1/2", Cp, GalvKentec$5.99
Brads 18ga 1/4" Crown X 1/2"l CpKentec$5.99
Stapler L Wire 1"Kentec$148.98
Senco Framing Nailer Sn325Kentec$459.99
Senco Finish Nailer Sfn2bKentec$439.99
Senco Finish Nailer Sfn1Kentec$399.99
Senco Med Duty Stapler SksKentec$279.99