Bolt Cutters & Tin Snips

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Wire Rope And Cable CuttersAnglo-american Dist Ltd$48.99
Power Scissors 3.6vBlack & Decker$23.99
Notcher Hand CooperCoopertools$44.99
Tool Cable CrimpingCoopertools$179.99
Shear Hi-leverage Wire Ctr.Coopertools$29.99
Cutter Steel Strap 12"Coopertools$94.99
Shear Industrial Hd Bent Sp.Coopertools$46.99
Shear Industrial Hd Bent InlaidCoopertools$53.99
Cutters Wire Rope/cable ImportCoopertools$29.99
Cutter Rod 5/8"Coopertools$309.00
Bolt Cutter Center C Hndl 42"Coopertools$229.99
Hvac Crimper 5-bladeCoopertools$24.99
Hvac Hand Seamer 3"Coopertools$30.99
Snip 7" DuckbillCoopertools$16.49
Snip Multi-master 9"Coopertools$19.99
Cutter Wire Rope Cbl 24"Coopertools$89.99
Snip 7" DuckbillCoopertools$16.49
Snip 10"duckbillCoopertools$18.99
Snip 13"duckbillCoopertools$24.99
Snip 8" Reg Tin CooperCoopertools$18.99
Snip 10" Reg Tin CooperCoopertools$17.99
Snip 11" Reg Tin CooperCoopertools$23.99
Snip 12.5"reg Tin CooperCoopertools$24.99
Snip 10"lh Aviation WissCoopertools$18.99
Snip 10"rh Aviation WissCoopertools$18.99
Snip 10" Pattern CooperCoopertools$17.99
Snip 9" Mult PurposeCoopertools$14.99
Snip 8-1/2" Pipe/ductCoopertools$29.99
Cutter Bolt 14" ImptCoopertools$41.99
Cutter Bolt 18" CooperCoopertools$89.99
Cutter Bolt 30" CooperCoopertools$129.99
Cutter Bolt 36" CooperCoopertools$149.99
Extra Jaws F/390 Mcr 36"Coopertools$89.99
Snip Offset Lh Wiss RedCoopertools$20.99
Snip Offset Lh Wiss GrnCoopertools$20.99
Snip 10" BulldogCoopertools$23.99
Bolt Cutter, Hard Chain, Ctr 42"Coopertools$278.99
Cutter Bolt 24" CenterCoopertools$109.99
Extra Jaws Mini Bolt CuttersCoopertools$49.99
Cutter Bolt 18" ImptCoopertools$55.99