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Oiler 7" 1/3pt BenchEagle Mfg Co.$3.39
Oiler Spout Only 13"Eagle Mfg. Inc.$2.99
Oiler 13" Flx Pump PtEagle Mfg. Inc.$12.99
Oiler 9"angle Spout PtEagle Mfg. Inc.$10.99
Oiler9"vertical Spout PtEagle Mfg. Inc.$10.99
Oiler 5" 1/3pt RigidEagle Mfg. Inc.$2.99
Oiler 6" Poly Pump 10ozEagle Mfg. Inc.$6.99
Oiler 5" 1/3pt RigidEagle Mfg. Inc.$5.49
Oiler 13" Flx Pump PtEagle Mfg. Inc.$12.99
Joiner Mdl #js102Freud Usa Inc$149.99
Precision OilerGeneral Tools Mfg Co Inc$11.49
Oiler, 6oz 4.5'' SpoutHandy Hardware$5.19
Oiler, 32oz 8'' Flex-spoutHandy Hardware$21.89
Gauge 0-100 Psi 1/8'' B/mHandy Hardware$9.99
Oiler, 16oz 8'' Flex-spoutHandy Hardware$16.59
Oiler, 20oz 6'' Str-spoutHandy Hardware$14.59
Oiler, 32oz 15'' Flex-spout XhdHandy Hardware$26.49
Oiler, 24oz 9.5'' Str Rgd-spoutHandy Hardware$26.49
Oiler, 16oz 7.5'' Angled-spoutHandy Hardware$24.89
Oiler, 12oz 4.5'' Tapered-spoutHandy Hardware$5.69
Oiler, 6oz 5'' Rigid-spoutHandy Hardware$9.39
Oiler, 6oz 6'' Flex-spoutHandy Hardware$10.69
Oiler, 10oz 6'' Flex-spoutHandy Hardware$11.99
Oiler, 12oz 8'' Rigid-spoutHandy Hardware$12.79
Oiler, 12oz 8'' Flex-spoutHandy Hardware$13.49
Oiler Rigid Spout 6oz PlasLubrimatic-plews/edelman-stant$5.89
Oiler Flex Spout 6 Oz PlasticLubrimatic-plews/edelman-stant$4.99
Oiler Rigid Spout 6" 1 QtLubrimatic-plews/edelman-stant$20.99
Oiler Flex Spout 7" 8oz MetalLubrimatic-plews/edelman-stant$8.49
Flex Spout Oiler 9" 1ptLubrimatic-plews/edelman-stant$12.49
5 Oz 4 1/2" Pump OilerManufacturer Not Listed$3.89