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Pad Set Bar ClampAdjustable Clamp Co.$5.99
Clamp J-style 6" MapleAdjustable Clamp Co.$16.99
Clamp Bar 30"Adjustable Clamp Co.$16.99
Clamp C 1-1/2x1-1/2"cardAdjustable Clamp Co.$2.79
Clamp C2-1/2x1-3/8"adjAdjustable Clamp Co.$5.49
10" E-z Hold Clamp BarAdjustable Clamp Co.$14.99
16" E-z Hold Clamp BarAdjustable Clamp Co.$16.99
22" E-z Hold Clamp BarAdjustable Clamp Co.$18.99
Clamp Bar28" E-z HoldAdjustable Clamp Co.$18.99
Pad Bar Clamp 4pkAdjustable Clamp Co.$6.49
Clamp Bar Mini E-z Cd2Adjustable Clamp Co.$16.99
Pipe Clamp SaddlesAdjustable Clamp Co.$12.89
Bar Clamp SaddlesAdjustable Clamp Co.$8.89
Clamp Cabinet Claw Pk/2Adjustable Clamp Co.$71.99
Clamp Spring 1" BoxedAdjustable Clamp Co.$2.99
Clamp Spring 2" BoxedAdjustable Clamp Co.$4.99
Clamp Spring 3" BoxedAdjustable Clamp Co.$8.49
Clamp C 1"x1" CardedAdjustable Clamp Co.$2.49
Clamp C 2"x1" CardedAdjustable Clamp Co.$4.49
Clamp C 2-1/2x2-1/2"cardAdjustable Clamp Co.$5.99
Clamp C 3"x2" CardedAdjustable Clamp Co.$6.99
Clamp C 4"x3" CardedAdjustable Clamp Co.$9.99
Clamp C 5"x3-1/4" CardedAdjustable Clamp Co.$11.49
Clamp C 6"x3-1/2" CardedAdjustable Clamp Co.$13.49
Clamp Carriage 3"x1-7/8"Adjustable Clamp Co.$10.99
Clamp Carriage 4"x2-1/8"Adjustable Clamp Co.$11.99
Clamp Carriage 6"x2-3/4"Adjustable Clamp Co.$19.99
Clamp Bar 6"Adjustable Clamp Co.$12.99
Clamp Bar 12"Adjustable Clamp Co.$13.99
Clamp Pony F/1/2" PipeAdjustable Clamp Co.$13.99
Clamp Pony F/3/4" PipeAdjustable Clamp Co.$16.49
Clamp Band 15' WebAdjustable Clamp Co.$16.99
Clamp Corner 3" AdjAdjustable Clamp Co.$11.99
Clamp Bar 18"Adjustable Clamp Co.$13.99
Clamp Bar 24"Adjustable Clamp Co.$15.99
Clamp Bar 36"Adjustable Clamp Co.$17.99
Clamp C 1-2-3" 3pc SetAdjustable Clamp Co.$9.99
Clamp 3 Way 2-1/2"cardedAdjustable Clamp Co.$10.99
Clamp Corner 3" FixedAdjustable Clamp Co.$10.69
Clamp C 8"x4" CardedAdjustable Clamp Co.$16.99