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Brass Lamp Socket 3-way TurnAmerican De Rosa$5.96
Phenolic Lamp Socket 3-way ThrdAmerican De Rosa$4.99
8 1/2"savannah Shade 1 5/8" FitAmerican De Rosa$15.99
14" Hurricane 4 15/16" FitterAmerican De Rosa$14.99
6" Regular Harp BrassAmerican De Rosa$6.99
7" Hvy Dty Harp BrassAmerican De Rosa$3.89
6-32 Socket Key Brass-platedAmerican De Rosa$0.65
Foot SwitchAmerican De Rosa$6.99
Foot SwitchAmerican De Rosa$6.99
16' Clr Gold Spt-2 Cord SetAmerican De Rosa$5.89
Malleable Hky 1/8f X 1/8fAmerican De Rosa$3.99
Replacement Ring For D3890American De Rosa$1.99
Stl Lght Hvy Duty SaddleAmerican De Rosa$2.99
1/2 In Stl Locknut 1/8fAmerican De Rosa$0.29
Bi-pin 5.3x5.3 Porc SktAmerican De Rosa$3.99
15in B/p Flex ArmAmerican De Rosa$18.99
5/8in Sb Turned Neck 1/8fAmerican De Rosa$2.59
Tap Spindle 1-1/2in Sb 1/8ifAmerican De Rosa$4.99
Cb Proc Thrded Skt W/ RingAmerican De Rosa$4.99
Hand Held Bk Light W/strapAmerican De Rosa$18.99
18/2 Rayon Cover Bk 150ft 2.50ftAmerican De Rosa$2.50
5/8in Sb Turned Neck Slip 1/8American De Rosa$2.99
1-1/2in Sb Spindle Slip 1/8American De Rosa$4.59
4in Ctr Fan Light Kit PbAmerican De Rosa$6.99
Canopy Lamp Ribbrass KitAngelo Brothers Co.$6.49
Canopy Lamp Ribbrass KitAngelo Brothers Co.$6.49
Lamp Part Loops Brass2pkAngelo Brothers Co.$1.99
Lamp Part Lock Nut BrassAngelo Brothers Co.$2.79
Swag Kit 15'a BrassWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$14.99
Swag Kit 15' BlackWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$13.49
Swag Hooks Wht/goldWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$2.49
Canopy Lamp Kit A BrassWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$6.99
Flame Tip, 40w, Frstd, Cand BaseWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$2.29
Canopy Lamp1-1/16hole AbWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$8.49
Lamp Part4"crossbar HikyWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$3.79
Lamp Part4"crossbar4holeWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$2.49
Knobs Lamp Brs 1.25" Cd2Westinghouse / Angelo Brothers$4.49
Lamp Part10"makelamp KitWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$11.99
Covr Sockt Plstc Candcd2Westinghouse / Angelo Brothers$2.49
Covr Sockt Plstc Stndcd2Westinghouse / Angelo Brothers$2.49