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Shade Globe W/lip PolycaAngelo Brothers Co.$9.99
Channel 15x3-3/4x3 GlassAngelo Brothers Co.$8.99
Shade Chmny 3"x10"frostdAngelo Brothers Co.$3.99
Liteshade Mushrm 9.5"whtAngelo Brothers Co.$13.99
Frosted Chimney 8-1/2x4x3"Westinghouse / Angelo Brothers$5.49
Diffuser Glass Round 12" DotsWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$5.49
14"d Rnd Clr Dot DiffuserWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$11.00
Shade Globe Cl3.25f6-3/8Westinghouse / Angelo Brothers$7.99
Shade Crimp Top Amber 5"Westinghouse / Angelo Brothers$5.99
Shade Chimney 10" ClearWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$5.49
Shade Chmny Clr 3"f10"hWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$5.49
Shade Chmny Clr2-5/8x8.5Westinghouse / Angelo Brothers$5.49
Shade Mushrm Wht 6"f7.5dWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$8.99
8" Ball Globe SmokedWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$9.98
GlassWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$15.99
ShadeWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$7.99
7" F5 1/4"h Opal ShadeWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$28.99
Shade Clip-on Wh Plas 8"Westinghouse / Angelo Brothers$11.69
Shade Clip-on Prism Cl8"Westinghouse / Angelo Brothers$9.49
Shade Schlhouse 4"f7.25dWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$9.49
Glass 24"channel WhiteWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$22.49
Shade Wht 2.25"ftr 8"dWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$12.99
Shade Wht 2.25"ftr 10"dWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$17.49
Shade Fan Clr 2.25; 4.5dWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$5.99
Shade Diampleat2.25f4.5dWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$6.49
6" Frosted Glass ShadeWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$5.49
Shade Chimney 3"x7" ClrWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$5.49
6" Ball W/thrd NeckWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$9.98
25" Whte Channel GlobeWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$9.98
31/4 Threaded GlobeWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$5.89
15"light ChannelWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$10.99
31/4 White Thd. Globe Plastic VpWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$8.99
3 1/4 X 5 1/8 Globe Vapor-proofWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$4.89
Shade Schlhouse3.25f5.5dWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$6.49
Diffuser Glass Sq 14"whtWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$10.99
Shade Clr 3.25"ftr3.75"dWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$4.79
Shade Opal Wht 3.25; 6"dWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$6.49
Shade Opal Wht 4"ftr 8"dWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$6.99
13in Round White ShadeWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$9.99
Round Lampshade 15" WhiteWestinghouse / Angelo Brothers$9.99