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629ng Tarni-shield Copper/brassMinnesota Mining & Mfg / 3M$9.98
Stainless Steel Polish/clnr 21ozMinnesota Mining & Mfg / 3M$10.99
Cloth, Wood/ Lacquered CareBlitz Manufacturing Co., Inc.$2.99
Blitz Copper Care ClothBlitz Manufacturing Co., Inc.$4.99
Blitz Tarnish Eater ClothBlitz Manufacturing Co., Inc.$3.69
Blitz Furniture Waxing ClothBlitz Manufacturing Co., Inc.$3.49
Jewelry Polishing ClothBlitz Manufacturing Co., Inc.$5.99
Blitz Silver Polishing ClothBlitz Manufacturing Co., Inc.$4.99
Glycerin PintC.r. Laurence$9.99
Wipes Murphy Oil SoapColgate Palmolive Co.$4.49
Met-all Brass/copper PolishDars Met-all Industry, Inc.$9.99
Met-all Silver/pewter PolishDars Met-all Industry, Inc.$9.99
Met-all Alum PolishDars Met-all Industry, Inc.$9.99
Polish 16oz Can Ultra FinishDars Met-all Industry, Inc.$19.99
Glass Mate RtuDars Met-all Industry, Inc.$2.99
Polish 2.5oz Silver/pewterDars Met-all Industry, Inc.$4.49
Polish 2.5oz AluminumDars Met-all Industry, Inc.$4.49
Polish 2.5oz Brass/copperDars Met-all Industry, Inc.$4.49
6 Oz Lemon EndustDrackett Products Company$3.99
Rust Remover SeligEnforcer Products Inc$6.49
Flitz Metal Wax And ProtectorFlitz$9.99
Flitz Metal Polish Foil PackFlitz$0.99
8.5oz Graffiti RemoverFlitz$14.99
8.5oz Flitz Gun WaxFlitz$6.99
Flitz Metal Polish 10grFlitz$3.59
Oil Lemon W/beeswax 8ozFox Run Craftsmen$3.39
Oil Lemon W/beeswax 8ozFox Run Craftsmen$3.39
Lemon Oil QuartGainesville Paint Whsl Dist$9.98
Conc. Furn PolishGuardsman Products, Inc.$7.49
Polish Furn Pt TriggerGuardsman Products, Inc.$4.89
8oz Wood Polish ConcentrateGuardsman Products, Inc.$4.49
Jewelry Cleaner 6oz.Guardsman Products, Inc.$4.89
Polish+clean Pt GardsmanGuardsman Products, Inc.$7.99
Polish Lmn 12.5oz GrdsmnGuardsman Products, Inc.$5.99
Polish Removr11oz GrdsmnGuardsman Products, Inc.$4.99
Polish Furn Wood Sc12.5oGuardsman Products, Inc.$5.99
Polish Furn Lemn Pt GrdsGuardsman Products, Inc.$5.99
Polish Furn Conc8oz GrdsGuardsman Products, Inc.$3.69
Wood Cleaner Aero 12ozGuardsman Products, Inc.$6.49
Polish Kithchen CabinetGuardsman Products, Inc.$5.49