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American Std CrystallineAmerican Standard Company$19.99
Ball Lok StrainerAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$14.99
No Kink Loose Key Hose BibbArrowhead Brass Products$5.49
Bottle For Soap DispenserB & K Industries$4.99
Fct Bar 2lh 8sp CpB & K Industries$55.99
Cold Stem Kit 125-001/2/B & K Industries$3.99
Hot Stem Kit 123-004/005B & K Industries$4.99
Cold Stem Kit 123-004/00B & K Industries$4.99
Replcmnt Handle F/wtrdspB & K Industries$6.49
1/2 3-way Ips Ball ValveB & K Industries$15.99
12 Red Spout Wallmount 123-011B & K Industries$14.99
14 Spout Wallmount 123-012B & K Industries$19.99
3/8-1/2 Ball Valve HandleB & K Industries$3.99
3/4- 1-1/4 Ball Valve HandleB & K Industries$5.89
1-1/2 -2 Ball Valve HandleB & K Industries$8.99
Cart For Pull Out FctB & K Industries$39.99
4" Gate ValveB & K Industries$98.99
Soap/lotion Dispenser ChromeB & K Industries$24.99
Faucet Wall 12" SpoutB & K Industries$79.99
Wall Faucet 6" SpoutB & K Industries$39.99
Wall Faucet 14" SpoutB & K Industries$79.99
Esctucheon Low Pttrn 3/4B&k Industries$0.29
Stem-handle Cold KitB&k Industries$6.49
Stem-handle Hot KitB&k Industries$5.49
Toe Touch Stop Kit 1-3/8 CpBarnett Brass & Copper Company$9.89
Toe Touch Stop Kit 1-1/2 CpBarnett Brass & Copper Company$8.49
Div Spout Zinc Cp 3/4x1/2fipBarnett Brass & Copper Company$7.69
New Dry Seal Pipe Collar 1/2''Barnett Brass & Copper Company$0.99
Actuator For Amer Std #5Barnett Brass & Copper Company$12.49
Premier Hot StemBarnett Brass & Copper Company$6.99
Premier Cold StemBarnett Brass & Copper Company$6.99
Faucet Repair Kit Cold WaterBarnett Brass & Copper Company$29.99
Faucet Repair Kit Hot WaterBarnett Brass & Copper Company$29.99
Shwr Balance Spool For DeltaBarnett Brass & Copper Company$69.99
Faucet Handle For DeltaBarnett Brass & Copper Company$4.99
Stem Adapter 1/4 Od X1/8 NptBarnett Brass & Copper Company$1.99
Dwvpvc Dbl Ell 1 1/2Barnett Brass & Copper Company$5.49
Dwvpvc Dbl Ell 3Barnett Brass & Copper Company$22.89
Dwvpvc Dbl Ell 4Barnett Brass & Copper Company$29.99
Dwvpvc Dbl Ell 1 1/2 YBarnett Brass & Copper Company$9.89