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Water Cut Meter CombAmerican Machine Works$7.49
Sink Flange Assy. Plain-svc-dAnahiem Manufacturing$6.99
Sink Flange & Cap-plainAnahiem Manufacturing$6.99
Gov 80 Repair KitAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$24.99
Valv Press Reduc 3/4"wtrAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$119.99
Valv Press Red Dbl 3/4"Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$64.99
1/2x1/4 Male ElbowAnderson Copper & Brass$3.69
1/8fpt X1/8mpt BallvalveAnderson Copper & Brass$12.99
1/4fpt X 1/4mpt Ball ValAnderson Copper & Brass$11.99
3/8x1/8 AdapterAnderson Copper & Brass$1.79
1/4x1/8 Turbo Tompt Pf ConnectorAnderson Copper & Brass$1.89
1/4x1/8 F AdapterAnderson Copper & Brass$4.49
3/8 Pp Union TeeAnderson Copper & Brass$6.99
1/4 Drain CockAnderson Copper & Brass$6.99
Vacuum Break PplcmntArrowhead Brass Products$13.99
Copper Str Top Comp 1/2Arrowhead Brass Products$17.99
Copper Str Top Comp 3/4Arrowhead Brass Products$19.99
Valve S&w Comp 1/2"Arrowhead Brass Products$12.99
Valve S&w Comp 3/4"Arrowhead Brass Products$16.49
Key Hose Bibbs LooseArrowhead Brass Products$1.49
Bent Nose Garden Valve 1"Arrowhead Brass Products$6.99
Handle Sillcock Rnd GrnArrowhead Brass Products$1.29
Bent Nose Garden Valve 1/2Arrowhead Brass Products$8.49
12x4 Return Air BrownAtlanta Supply Co.$8.99
10x4 Return Air BrownAtlanta Supply Co.$7.99
Drain Caps Asst. 2B & K Industries$2.49
Valve S/w Bras Hd3/4"swtB & K Industries$9.99
3" Replacement HandleB & K Industries$4.99
Check In Line Ips 3/4B & K Industries$17.49
Check ValveB & K Industries$14.99
Valve Ball 1/4" ThreadedB & K Industries$9.99
Valve Ball 3/8" ThreadedB & K Industries$10.99
Valve Ball 1/2" ThreadedB & K Industries$11.99
Valve Ball 3/4" ThreadedB & K Industries$14.49
Valve Ball 1" ThreadedB & K Industries$21.99
Valv Gas Lever 3/8" AgaB & K Industries$6.99
Valve Gas Lever 1/2" AgaB & K Industries$9.49
Valvegas 3/4" Sq/flt AgaB & K Industries$5.99
Handle ValveB & K Industries$0.99
Valve Ball 3/4 CompxcompB & K Industries$19.99