Valves, Supply Shut-Off

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Angl Stop Ball Vlv 1/2swtx3/8odB & K Industries$9.49
Stop Ang1/2"sweatxo/8"odBrasscraft$8.49
Valve Str Qest1/2&1/2ctsEljer Industries/us Brass Qest$11.99
Valv S-o Icemak1/4x5/8"cPlumb Pak Corporation$7.99
Valve 5/8od X1/2&1/2compPlumb Pak Corporation$12.99
3 Way Shut Off ValvePlumb Pak Corporation$11.99
Valve 1/2&1/2fip In X1/2Plumb Pak Corporation$9.99
Valve 5/8in X3/8&3/8compPlumb Pak Corporation$9.99
Valve 1/2fipx1/2&3/8compPlumb Pak Corporation$11.49
Angle Valve 1/2 X 3/8Plumb Pak Corporation$7.99
Valve Ang 5/8 Od X3/8 OdPlumb Pak Corporation$7.99
Valve Ang 3/80d X 3/8comPlumb Pak Corporation$6.99
Valve Str 3/8odx3/8comPlumb Pak Corporation$7.89
Valve Ang1/2fipx1/4od CdPlumb Pak Corporation$7.99
Valve 1/2fip3/8&1/4"compPlumb Pak Corporation$9.99
Stop Straight 1/2c X 3/8 OdPlumb Pak Corporation$5.79
Stop Angle 1/2c X 3/8 OdPlumb Pak Corporation$5.49
1/2x1/2 Angle StopPlumb Pak Corporation$4.89
Valve Ang 3/8fipx3/8cardPlumb Pak Corporation$9.49
Valve Ang 1/2 Fptx3/8comPlumb Pak Corporation$9.99
Valve Ang 3/8x1/2cs CdPlumb Pak Corporation$10.49
Valve Ang 3/8x5/8 CompPlumb Pak Corporation$8.99
Valve Str 3/8x3/8fip CdPlumb Pak Corporation$9.49
Valve Str 3/8x1/2fip CdPlumb Pak Corporation$9.49
Valve Str 3/8x1/2"sweatPlumb Pak Corporation$11.99
Valve Str 3/8x1/2"compPlumb Pak Corporation$6.99
1/2od Angl Valve Chrome PlatePlumb Pak Corporation$6.99
Valve Ang 102odx1/2fipPlumb Pak Corporation$7.99
Valv Strt 5/8x1/2 ChrmePlumb Pak Corporation$6.99
Valv Trn Ang5/8x3/8 PbPlumb Pak Corporation$19.99
Valv Strt5/8x3/8 PbrassPlumb Pak Corporation$19.99
Valv Angl 1/2x7/16-1/2pbPlumb Pak Corporation$19.99
Cut Off Valve 1/2"Plumb Pak Corporation$11.99
1/2x3/8 Angle ValvePlumb Pak Corporation$11.99
Valv 3-way5/8x1/2x3/8 ChPlumb Pak Corporation$11.99
Wm Valve 1/2ipt X3/4 MhtPlumb Pak Corporation$12.49
Wm Valve 5/8od X 3/4mhtPlumb Pak Corporation$12.49
Valve Trans Angl 1/2x3/8chPlumb Pak Corporation$10.99
Valve 3-way 5/8x1/2x1/4 ChPlumb Pak Corporation$13.49
Valv Shutoff 1/2ipsx1/2ipschPlumb Pak Corporation$8.49