Split Flanges

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Flange 3/8" Chrome AceBrasscraft Mfg. Co.$1.49
Flange 1/2" Chrome AceBrasscraft Mfg. Co.$1.49
Flange Split 3/8"Brasscraft Mfg. Co.$3.49
Flange Split 1/2"Brasscraft Mfg. Co.$3.99
Flange Split 3/4"Brasscraft Mfg. Co.$4.29
Flange Split 1"Brasscraft Mfg. Co.$4.49
Flange Split 1-1/4"Brasscraft Mfg. Co.$2.99
Flange Split 3/4" CopperDanco Corp.$3.99
Flange Split 1-1/2"ipsDanco Corp.$4.99
Flange Split Chrm 2"ipsDanco Corp.$5.49
Eljer FlangeDanco Corp.$12.99
4'' 1/4 Pb Clean Out CoverJones Stephens Corp.$19.50
6-1/8 Pb Brass Hvy Duty StrainerJones Stephens Corp.$29.99
6-1/8 Pb Hvy Duty Scrtd C/o CoveJones Stephens Corp.$32.50
1-1/2 Tee Cxcxc WrotLindstrom & Associates$14.99
2 Tee Cxcxc WrotLindstrom & Associates$35.00
3" Van Stone Flange Sch80Lindstrom & Associates$24.99
Cp Split Flnge - 1/2"nomPlumb Pak Corporation$3.49
Cp Split Flange 1/2ipsPlumb Pak Corporation$3.49
Cp Split Flnge 1-1/2"ipsPlumb Pak Corporation$3.99
Flange Shallow 1-1/2"odPlumb Pak Corporation$3.29
Flange Shallow 1-1/4"odPlumb Pak Corporation$3.29
Flange3/8"iron1/2"cpr PbPlumb Pak Corporation$6.49
Flange 1/2" Iron PbPlumb Pak Corporation$8.99
Flange Shallow 2"chr AcePlumb Pak Corporation$3.99
Flange Shallow 3/8"ipsPlumb Pak Corporation$0.99
Flange Deep 3/8"od CardPlumb Pak Corporation$3.99
Flange Deep 1/2"od CardPlumb Pak Corporation$3.99
Flange Small 1/2 Cop AcePlumb Pak Corporation$0.99
Flange Shallow 1/2ip AcePlumb Pak Corporation$0.99
Ceiling Support Loop & FlangeWal-rich Corporation$8.50
Flange Reg Brass FloorWal-rich Corporation$11.99
18'' Ceiling Support CompWal-rich Corporation$9.50