Filters, A/C and Range Hood

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Command item
 Clear Filters
 ProductManufacturerPrice *
Filter Pad Latex15x24x1/Air Kontrol Incorporated$1.99
Filter Furn 16x20x1"alumAir Kontrol Incorporated$8.49
Filtr A/c Gls 15x24x1/2"Precisionaire Inc$1.79
Filtr A/c Alum15x24x1/4"Precisionaire Inc$4.49
Filtr A/c Poly15x24x1/4"Precisionaire Inc$1.79
Filtr Hammock30"x240"x1" 1.50ftPrecisionaire Inc$19.99
Filtr Hammock36"x240"x1" 1.80ftPrecisionaire Inc$22.99
Filtr Furn Foam15x24x1/4Precisionaire Inc$3.49
Filtr Furn Latex20x30x1"Precisionaire Inc$7.99
Filtr Hammck 24"x240"x1" 1.30ftPrecisionaire Inc$16.99
Range Hood Grease FilterManufacturer Not Listed$15.79
Range Hood Charcoal FilterManufacturer Not Listed$15.49