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Tube Copper Typ M1/2"x3'Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$7.99
Tube Copper 1/4"od10'boxAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$9.99
Tube Copper 1/4"od25'boxAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$20.99
Tube Copper 3/8"od10'boxAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$12.99
Tube Copper 3/8"od15'boxAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$20.49
Tube Copper Typ M3/4"x2'Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$9.99
Tubing Copper 3/8" X 5'Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$11.89
Tube Copper 5/8 0d X 15'Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$42.99
Tube Copper 1/2" 0d X 10Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$26.99
Tube Copper 1/2" 0d X 15Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$38.99
Tube Copper 1/2 0d X 20'Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$39.99
Tube Copper 1/2 0d X 25'Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$49.99
Tube Copper 1/4"od10'boxAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$8.59
Tube Copper 5/8"od20'boxAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$44.19
Tube Copper 5/8"od10'boxAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$22.99
Tube Copper 3/8x5ftAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$10.69
Tube Copper 3/8x2ftAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$4.59
Tube Copper 1/2x5ftAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$11.49
Tube Copper 1/2x3ftAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$6.99
Tube Copper 3/4x5ftAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$18.79
Tube Copper 3/4x3ftAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$11.39
Tube Copper 1x5ftAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$29.69
Tube Copper 1x2ftAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$12.19
Tube Copper 3/8odx 25'Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$26.99
Tube Copper Typ M1/2"x2'Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$5.99
Tube Copper Typ M1/2"x4'Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$10.49
Tube Copper Typ M3/4"x3'Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$12.49
Tube Copper Typ M3/4"x4'Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$13.99
Tube Copper 1/4"od20'boxAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$18.99
Tube Copper 3/8"od20'boxAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$23.99
Tube Copper 3/8"od25'boxAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$27.99
Icemake Hookup Kit Ak25Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$34.99
Icemaker Hookup Kit Ak15Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$21.99
Tube Copper 1-1/2x5'B & K Industries$60.19
Soft Copper 1/8" .50/ftBarnett Brass & Copper Company$15.99
Soft Copper 7/8" $99.95/rlBarnett Brass & Copper Company$2.60
Soft Copper 1 X 60'Barnett Brass & Copper Company$5.00
Galv Metal Hose 1-1/4" 1.60/ftMechanical Rubber & Supply Co.$3.00
Galv Metal Hose 1-1/2" 1.95/ftMechanical Rubber & Supply Co.$4.00
Galv Metal Hose 2-1/2" 3.20/ftMechanical Rubber & Supply Co.$3.20