Pipe Fittings, Copper

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Ez Swt Adapter 1" MipAnderson Barrows Metal Corp$4.69
1/4x1/4 Swivel ElbowAnderson Copper & Brass$3.59
1/4x3/8 Pp AdapterAnderson Copper & Brass$3.39
1/4 Pp Union ElbowAnderson Copper & Brass$3.49
Cplg Comp Brnz Cts 1-1/2B & K Industries$15.99
Cplg Comp Brnz Cts 2B & K Industries$36.99
1"x6 Repair Clamp - StainlessB & K Industries$24.99
Str Adapter 3/4ftgxmptElkhart Products Corp.$4.79
Elbow Street 45 1"copperElkhart Products Corp.$8.49
119 1x1/2 Ftgxc Fl RedElkhart Products Corp.$2.99
1/2x3/4 Cxm 90 ElbowElkhart Products Corp.$4.99
3/4x1/2 Cxm 90 ElbowElkhart Products Corp.$5.69
3/4x21/2c Return BendElkhart Products Corp.$6.99
Union Cxc 1-1/4"Elkhart Products Corp.$12.99
Union Cxc 1-1/2"Elkhart Products Corp.$14.99
Union Cxc 2"Elkhart Products Corp.$27.99
1-1/2x3/4 Cxc Red CplgElkhart Products Corp.$10.99
Flush Adapter 3/4 4704-fElkhart Products Corp.$7.99
Adaptr Ml 1/2copperElkhart Products Corp.$9.99
1/2 X 1/2 X 3/8 Reduce TeeElkhart Products Corp.$6.49
Flush Bushing 2x1 1/2Elkhart Products Corp.$11.99
Flush Bushing 1 1/2x1 1/4Elkhart Products Corp.$13.99
1x3/4 Flush BushingElkhart Products Corp.$2.99
5/8 Tube CapElkhart Products Corp.$2.29
1/8 Cxcxc TeeElkhart Products Corp.$6.49
Flush Adapter 1/2 4704-fElkhart Products Corp.$5.99
1/2 X 1/4 Ftgxc Fl RedElkhart Products Corp.$0.89
101r 3/4x5/8 Reducing CouplingElkhart Products Corp.$2.49
101r 1/2x1/8 Reducing CouplingElkhart Products Corp.$1.29
Elbow 90deg Copper 5/8"Elkhart Products Corp.$5.99
3/8x1/4 Cxc Red CplgElkhart Products Corp.$1.49
3/4 90 Elbow - Long TurnElkhart Products Corp.$4.49
1/4 90 Deg. Elbow Long TurnElkhart Products Corp.$2.49
1/4 90 Deg. Long Turn Street ElElkhart Products Corp.$2.29
1x3/4 Flush BushingElkhart Products Corp.$2.49
1-1/4x1 Flush BushingElkhart Products Corp.$3.49
1/4 Tube StrapElkhart Products Corp.$0.40
3/8 Tube StrapElkhart Products Corp.$0.50
2 Tube StrapElkhart Products Corp.$0.98
3/4 X Cross-over CouplingElkhart Products Corp.$14.50