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1/4 Fipxmip Bs Str TeeAnderson Copper & Brass$2.99
4-1/2" Pvc W/s/s Grid DrainB & K Industries$7.49
Soil Bar Grate 4"B & K Industries$4.49
Belltrap Cesspool 6x6x2B & K Industries$16.99
Trap Bell Cesspool9x9x3"B & K Industries$29.99
Drain Insr Tread 1-7/8odx11-1/2B & K Industries$7.99
Flangecloset4"cast BrassB&k Industries$12.99
3" CouplingB&k Industries$19.99
Flexicor Auger (reg.head)Benson-vance Company$29.99
Flexicor Auger (down Head)Benson-vance Company$42.95
Teletube (reg.head)Benson-vance Company$51.95
Plug Drain Test 2" AceBrasscraft Mfg. Co.$4.29
Plug Drain Test 3" AceBrasscraft Mfg. Co.$4.49
Plug Drain Test 4" AceBrasscraft Mfg. Co.$5.49
Tub StrainerDanco Corp.$1.99
Roof Cap Vent W/flap GridDeflect-o$12.99
S. Guard Replacement 4" Wh Mo6Deflect-o$8.99
Panel Access Clampon 8x8Fluidmaster Inc$13.99
Acess Panel 14 X 14Fluidmaster Inc$19.49
3-4" Test PlugGt Water Products$33.99
3" Test Plug For TeeGt Water Products$32.50
4-5" & 6" Test PlugsGt Water Products$69.95
3" Test Tee Mechanical PlugGt Water Products$39.99
4" Test Tee Mechanical PlugGt Water Products$44.89
6" Test Tee Mechanical PlugGt Water Products$109.99
1 1/2" Combination PlugGt Water Products$3.89
2" Combination PlugGt Water Products$3.49
3" Combination PlugGt Water Products$4.99
4" Combination PlugGt Water Products$6.99
6" Combination PlugGt Water Products$18.99
8" Combination PlugGt Water Products$22.99
Easy Flow Waterbed Fill&drainGt Water Products$10.99
Drain Flr Snap S/s1-1/2"Iodon Inc$4.29
2" Soil Pipe Bar GrateJones Manufacturing$1.59
3" Soil Pipe Bar GrateJones Manufacturing$2.99
4" Soil Pipe Bar GrateJones Manufacturing$4.49
Cast Iron Melting Pot 6"Jones Manufacturing$35.99
Steel Pouring Ladle 4"Jones Manufacturing$18.49
4" Clay Pipe Bar GrateJones Manufacturing$3.49
6" Clay Pipe Bar GrateJones Manufacturing$7.99