Hose Clamps & Pipe Hangers

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Hanger Pipe Strap1/2galvAmerican Wall Tie Corporation$0.10
Hanger Pipe Strap3/4galvAmerican Wall Tie Corporation$0.15
Ips 2 Hole Strap GalvAmerican Wall Tie Corporation$0.59
Stapler Pipefast.5-75Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$77.99
Staples Pipefast 3/4"Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$15.99
Staples Pipefast 1/2"Anderson Barrows Metal Corp$15.99
Hose Clamp Mini Type GAuveco Products$0.60
Hose Clamp Mini Type GAuveco Products$0.60
Hose Clamp Mini Type GAuveco Products$0.60
Hose Clamp Mini Type F-9Auveco Products$0.75
Hose Clamp Mini Type F-11Auveco Products$0.80
Clamp Repair Ss 3 X 6B & K Industries$44.99
Clamp Repair Ss 4 X 6B & K Industries$49.99
Clamp Pipe Fix1/2x3"1bltB & K Industries$8.49
Clamp Pipe Fix3/4x3"1bltB & K Industries$8.99
Clamp Pipe1x3" 1 BoltB & K Industries$10.49
Clamp Pipe Fix1.25x3"1 BB & K Industries$9.99
Clamp Pipe Fix1.5x3"1bltB & K Industries$11.99
Clamp Pipe Rpr1/2x6"2bltB & K Industries$18.98
Clamp Pipe Rpr3/4x6"2bltB & K Industries$19.98
Clamp Pipe Fix 1x6"2boltB & K Industries$15.99
Clamp Pipe Repair 3/8"B & K Industries$8.49
Clamp Pipe Fix1.25x3"1 BB & K Industries$12.99
Clamp Pipe Fix1.5x3"1bltB & K Industries$14.99
Clamp Repair Ss 1-1/4xB & K Industries$28.99
Hanger Strap Galv. 20ga 10ft.Barnett Brass & Copper Company$1.99
Hanger Strap Copper Cld 20ga 10'Barnett Brass & Copper Company$4.19
Ss Repair Clamp 2 Bolt 2x6Barnett Brass & Copper Company$24.19
Clamp Pipe Repair 1/2"Brasscraft Mfg. Co.$5.99
Clamp Pipe Repair 3/4"Brasscraft Mfg. Co.$6.99
Pipe Repair Kit 1/2- 1"Brasscraft Mfg. Co.$5.49
Clamp Pipe Repair 1"Brasscraft Mfg. Co.$8.49
Clamp Pipe Repair 2"Brasscraft Mfg. Co.$11.49
Wrap & Seal Tape 1"x16'Dennis, W J & Co.$12.99
Copper Tube Straps 3/4"Elkhart Products Corp.$0.47
1/8 Copper Strap 10132410Elkhart Products Corp.$0.40
Copper Tube Straps 3/4"Elkhart Products Corp.$0.47
Repair Pipe Kit 3"x132"Fernco Inc$26.99
Multi-surface Repair KitFernco Inc$12.99
Universal Repair KitFernco Inc$24.99