Hose Clamps & Pipe Hangers

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1/2,3/4,1" 4-mil Pipe Guard BlueOatey
1/2,3/4,1" 4-mil Pipe Guard RedOatey
Clamp Pipe Repair 3/4"Brasscraft Mfg. Co.
Hanger Natick Copr1/2"x6Jones Manufacturing
Hanger Natick Copr3/4x6Jones Manufacturing
Strap Pipe Galv 2hl 1/4"Prairie Home Products,inc.
Hanger Hook Pipe1/2"x6cuPrairie Home Products,inc.
Hanger Cu Tube 1" StrapPrairie Home Products,inc.
Hanger Pipe 3/4ips-4"whtPrairie Home Products,inc.
Clamp Adj 3/8odt01-1/8Prairie Home Products,inc.
Wrap & Seal Tape 1"x16'Dennis, W J & Co.
Clamp Pipe Repair 3/8"B & K Industries
Clamp 3/8to7/8 SsTridon Incorporated
Clamp 9/16 To 1-1/16"ssTridon Incorporated
Clamp 11/16 To 1-1/2"ssTridon Incorporated
Clamp 1-1/16" To 2" SsTridon Incorporated
Clamp 1-13/16 To 2-3/4ssTridon Incorporated
Hose Clamp 2-5/16 To 3Tridon Incorporated
Ducting Clamp 3"Microdot Fastening System
Clamp Laundry Vent 4"Tridon Incorporated
Repair Pipe Kit 2"x60"T Christy Enterprises
Strap Pipe Cpvc 1/2"George Fisher Sloane
Strap Pipe Cpvc 3/4"George Fisher Sloane
Strap Hangr Glv 3/4x10'Prairie Home Products,inc.
Hanger Hook Pipe3/4x6"cuPrairie Home Products,inc.
Hanger Pipe Strap3/8galvPrairie Home Products,inc.
Hanger Pipe Strap1/2galvAmerican Wall Tie Corporation
Hanger Pipe Strap3/4galvAmerican Wall Tie Corporation
Hanger Pipe Strap 1"galvPrairie Home Products,inc.
Hanger Pipestrap1.25"ipsPrairie Home Products,inc.
Hanger Pipestrap1.5"galvPrairie Home Products,inc.
Hanger Pipestrap 2" GalvPrairie Home Products,inc.
Hanger Cu Tube 1/4"strapPrairie Home Products,inc.
Hanger Cu Tube 3/8"strapPrairie Home Products,inc.
Hanger Cu Tube 1/2"strapPrairie Home Products,inc.
Pipe Repair Kit 1/2- 1"Brasscraft Mfg. Co.
Clamp Pipe Repair 1"Brasscraft Mfg. Co.
Clamp Pipe Repair 2"Brasscraft Mfg. Co.
Clamp Hose7/32"to 5/8"ssTridon Incorporated
Stapler Pipefast.5-75Anderson Barrows Metal Corp