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Caster Socket 11/16"od X 37/64"A.I.E. Company$1.69
Grip Ring Socket 1-1/4" 16gA.I.E. Company$2.29
3/8-16 Thread InsertA.I.E. Company$2.99
Caster SocketA.I.E. Company$1.19
Tbl Ctch & Kpr/tbl Frk Wo/holesAnglo-american Brass Company$24.99
10"solid Brass Lid Support LeftAnglo-american Brass Company$24.99
10"solid Brass Lid Support RghtAnglo-american Brass Company$24.99
Cst-irn Bd Fstnr 5 3/4x1 1/8Anglo-american Brass Company$9.98
7/8x7/8 Plain Brass FootAnglo-american Brass Company$7.15
1x1-1/8 Plain Brass FootAnglo-american Brass Company$8.25
1-7/16x1-1/2 Plain Brass FootAnglo-american Brass Company$13.99
Cast Brass W/glass Ball LegAnglo-american Brass Company$19.49
Cast Brass W/glass Ball LegAnglo-american Brass Company$18.99
7/8x3/4 Brass Claw FootAnglo-american Brass Company$15.99
Brt Brs Comb. Hinge & SupportAnglo-american Brass Company$6.99
Self-stick Bump3/16x1/2Brainerd Mfg Co.$1.09
Self-stick Bump3/16x1/2Brainerd Mfg Co.$1.09
Self-stick Bump5/16x3/4Brainerd Mfg Co.$1.29
4-way Adjustable Connector-chromC.r. Laurence$3.99
2-way 90^ Connector ChromeC.r. Laurence$4.49
3-way 90^ Connector ChromeC.r. Laurence$4.99
4-way 90^ Connector ChromeC.r. Laurence$5.99
Copper Foil Tape 1/4" .60/ftC.r. Laurence$24.99
Lead Foil Tape 3/8 108' 3.50ftC.r. Laurence$59.95
Lead Foil Tape 1/2"x108' 4.50/ftC.r. Laurence$41.99
Bed Bolt Cover Ant. BrassFaneuil Hardware$5.69
Card Table HingeFaneuil Hardware$23.99
Table CatchFaneuil Hardware$14.99
6" Solid Brass Lid SupportFaneuil Hardware$39.99
8" Solid Brass Lid SupportFaneuil Hardware$24.99
Bed Bolt Cover BrassFaneuil Hardware$5.99
Flip-top Table Hinge BrtbrsFaneuil Hardware$14.99
Flip-top Table Hinge AntbrsFaneuil Hardware$12.99
Self-balancing Lid SupportFaneuil Hardware$5.99
Ant Brs Comb. Hinge & SupportFaneuil Hardware$17.99
Bed WrenchFaneuil Hardware$38.99
Bed WrenchFaneuil Hardware$6.99
1 3/8 Tip Table CatchFaneuil Hardware$24.99
3/8 Offst Wrght Brs Cab HngFaneuil Hardware$14.99
Polished Brass Card Table HingeFaneuil Hardware$29.89