Wire, Coiled & Clothesline

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Wire Stainless Stl19ga30Anchor/elco Wire$4.49
Wire Alum 18ga 50' CardAnchor/elco Wire$2.79
Wire Stovpipe19ga50'galvAnchor/elco Wire$3.29
Wire Copper 18ga 25'Anchor/elco Wire$5.49
Wire Stovpipe 19ga 50' BAnchor/elco Wire$2.29
Wire Galv 28ga 100' DopAnchor/elco Wire$2.49
Wire Guy 20ga50'galv4strAnchor/elco Wire$3.79
Wire Galv 20ga 75'Anchor/elco Wire$2.49
Wire 24gax100'floral CdAnchor/elco Wire$2.99
Wire Guy Galv Coated 600'Anchor/elco Wire$5.49
Wire Galv 32ga 100' SplAnchor/elco Wire$2.29
Wire Brass 28ga 75' SplAnchor/elco Wire$3.49
Wire Galv 20ga50' 6strndAnchor/elco Wire$4.29
Wire Dandoline 50' 12pkAnchor/elco Wire$4.79
Wire Cushion Centr#3 50'Anchor/elco Wire$5.99
Wire Clothes 9ga Galv50'Anchor/elco Wire$7.99
Wire Clothes 9ga Alum50'Anchor/elco Wire$7.99
Wire Cloths14ga Galv100'Anchor/elco Wire$5.49
Wire Cloths16ga Galv100'Anchor/elco Wire$3.79
Wire Weaving18ga100'galvAnchor/elco Wire$3.49
Wire Stovpipe20ga50'blkAnchor/elco Wire$1.49
Wire Stovpipe20ga50'galvAnchor/elco Wire$1.49
Wire 24ga 100' GalvAnchor/elco Wire$3.49
Wire 22ga 100' GalvAnchor/elco Wire$3.99
Wire Galv 16ga 22'Anchor/elco Wire$2.49
Wire Copper 24ga 100'Anchor/elco Wire$6.99
Wire Copper 22ga 85'Anchor/elco Wire$6.49
Wire Copper 20ga 50'Anchor/elco Wire$6.99
Wire Copper 16ga 25'Anchor/elco Wire$6.99
Wire 16ga 480'Anchor/elco Wire$18.99
Wire 18ga 830'Anchor/elco Wire$19.49
Wire Mechanic 20ga 5#splAnchor/elco Wire$24.99
Soft Copper Wire 24gAnchor/elco Wire$1.69
Brass Wire 24ga 1oz SplAnchor/elco Wire$1.99
Wire Alum9gax50ft CoatedAnchor/elco Wire$10.49
Wire Brass 16ga 25'Anchor/elco Wire$5.99
Wire Galv 18ga 100'reelAnchor/elco Wire$4.79
Wire 20ga 175' Reel GalvAnchor/elco Wire$5.49
Wire 24ga 250' Reel GalvAnchor/elco Wire$6.99
Nyl Dispens-o-wire 28gAnchor/elco Wire$3.49