Screws, Drywall & Decking

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Screw Stalgrd #6x1" Pk70Anchor/elco Wire
Screw Stlgrd6phl1-5/8"55Anchor/elco Wire
Screw Stalgrd 6phl2"40pkAnchor/elco Wire
Screw Stlgrd8phl2.5"30pkAnchor/elco Wire
Screw Stalgrd 8phl3"20pkAnchor/elco Wire
Screw W-mstr 6x1 70valpkAnchor/elco Wire
Screw W-mstr#6x1-5/8pk55Anchor/elco Wire
Screw W-mstr #6x2" Pk40Anchor/elco Wire
Screw W-mstr #6x2.5"pk30Anchor/elco Wire
Screw W-mstr 8x3 20valpkAnchor/elco Wire
Screw Gold+ 6x1 70valupkAnchor/elco Wire
Scrw Stlgrd 6x2" C-pk400Elco/textron/fas-n-it
Screw Gold6x2 Ph Crs 5#Elco/textron/fas-n-it
Screw Gold8x2-1/2phcrs5#Elco/textron/fas-n-it
C-pak Ft Drywall 6x1Elco/textron/fas-n-it
C-pak Ft Drywall 6x1 1/8Elco/textron/fas-n-it
C-pak Ft Drywall 6x1 1/4Elco/textron/fas-n-it
C-pak Ft Drywall 6x1 5/8Elco/textron/fas-n-it
C-pak Ft Drywall 6x2Elco/textron/fas-n-it
C-pak Ft Drywall 6x2 1/4Elco/textron/fas-n-it
C-pak Ft Drywall 8x2 1/2Elco/textron/fas-n-it
C-pak Ft Drywall 8x3Elco/textron/fas-n-it
Scrw Rck Brd8x1-1/4bx200Elco/textron/fas-n-it
Scrw Crs Sq #6x1" Bx100Elco/textron/fas-n-it
Scrw Crs Sq#6x1-1/4bx100Elco/textron/fas-n-it
Scrw Crs Sq#6x1-5/8bx100Elco/textron/fas-n-it
Drywall Sq Dr Cs 6x2Elco/textron/fas-n-it
Scrw Crs Sq#8x2-1/2bx100Elco/textron/fas-n-it
Scrw Crs Sq #8x3" Bx100Elco/textron/fas-n-it
Screw Gold+ Sqdr 6x1-5/8Elco/textron/fas-n-it
Screw Gold+ Sqdr 6x2 BoxElco/textron/fas-n-it
Screw Gold+ Sqdr 8x2-1/2Elco/textron/fas-n-it
Screw Gold+ Sqdr 8x3 BoxElco/textron/fas-n-it
Scrw Stlgrd#6x1-5/8bx100Elco/textron/fas-n-it
Scrw Stlgrd #6x2" Bx100Elco/textron/fas-n-it
Scrw Stlgrd#8x2-1/2bx100Elco/textron/fas-n-it
Scrw Stlgrd #8x3" Bx100Elco/textron/fas-n-it
Scrw Fin Sq#6x1-5/8bx100Elco/textron/fas-n-it
Scrw Fin Sq#6x2-1/4bx100Elco/textron/fas-n-it
8 X 3 Bugle Head Ext ScrewsElco/textron/fas-n-it