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Wld Wir Fab 4x2 3.00/ftAtlantic Steel Company$189.99
Weld Wire Fabrc 4x2 14gaAtlantic Steel Company$65.99
Cloth Hdw30"x50' 1/8 4.50ftGilbert & Bennett$96.99
Weld Wr 14ga 1x1x24x100 1.45/ftJackson Wire International,inc.$95.79
Weld Wr 14ga 1x1x36x100 2.10/ftJackson Wire International,inc.$140.00
Weld Wr 14ga 1x1x48x100 2.89/ftJackson Wire International,inc.$192.00
Fencing 1x2 14ga24x100 1.30/ftJackson Wire International,inc.$97.99
Cloth Hdw 48"x100' 1/2"Keystone Steel Wire Div$3.99
Fencing 2x4 14ga 60"x50'Keystone Steel Wire Div$68.99
Fencing 1x2 14ga36"x100 3.80/ftKeystone Steel Wire Div$198.00
Fencing 1x2 14ga48"x100 4.00/ftKeystone Steel Wire Div$249.10
Weldwire2x4"12.5ga3x100' 2.00/ftKeystone Steel Wire Div$128.99
Weldwire2x4"12.5ga4x100' 2.60/ftKeystone Steel Wire Div$146.99
Fencing 1/2x1" 16g24x100 4.50/ftKeystone Steel Wire Div$289.99
Fencing 1/2x1" 16g36x100 5.25/ftKeystone Steel Wire Div$389.99
Wire Galv 12.5ga 332'10#Keystone Steel Wire Div$16.99
Wire 14ga Galv 10# 584'Keystone Steel Wire Div$17.49
Wire Glav 9ga 1710' 100#Keystone Steel Wire Div$134.99
12.5ga Gal Wir 100# 3824Keystone Steel Wire Div$134.99
Wire 16ga Galv 10# 943'Keystone Steel Wire Div$19.99
Fencing 2x4 14ga 36"x50'Keystone Steel Wire Div$42.99
Fencing 2x4 14g 48"x50'Keystone Steel Wire Div$56.99
Fencing 2x4 14ga 72"x50'Keystone Steel Wire Div$88.99
Fencing 1x2 14ga60"x100 4.30/ftKeystone Steel Wire Div$329.00
Fencing 1x2 14ga72"x100' 4.80/ftKeystone Steel Wire Div$389.00
1" Strap Loop NicNational Mfg Co.$1.19
1-1/4" Strp Loop NicNational Mfg Co.$1.19
1-1/2" Strp Loop NicNational Mfg Co.$1.29
2" Strap Loop NicNational Mfg Co.$1.09
Ww Fab 1/2x1x16ga 48x100 6.00/ftNorthwestern Steel And Wire$449.99
2x2-1/2 Welded Fence 72"Northwestern Steel And Wire$63.99
Fencing 2x4" 12ga72"x100 3.60/ftNorthwestern Steel And Wire$209.99
Metal Lath 28" X 8'Randall Brothers Inc.$7.99
Galv Hdwe Cloth 1/8"-48" 3.50/ft(Unknown)$0.00
Galv Fence 72" 12ga 1.90/ftManufacturer Not Listed$99.99
Concrete Reinforcing WireMonroe Hardware Company, Inc.$98.99
Cloth Hdw 36"x100' 1/4"Garden Zone, Llc$4.49