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Fir Handrail 1-1/2x1-11/16x12'American Moulding Corp$29.99
Mold Rnchcs11/16x2.25x10American Moulding Corp$10.79
Molding In Cove 5/16x1x8American Moulding Corp$3.29
Mold Screenbead1/4x3/4x3American Moulding Corp$0.55
Birch Plywood 1/64"x6"x12"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$8.99
Birch Plywood 1/32"x6"x12"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$4.99
Birch Plywood 1/64"x12"x24"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$25.99
Birch Plywood 1/32"x12"x24"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$13.99
Basswood Strip 1/16x16x24"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$0.39
Basswood Strip 1/8x1/8x24"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$0.59
Basswood Sheet 1/6x3/24"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$1.55
Basswood Sheet 1/4x3x24"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$3.29
Basswood Sheet 1/6x4x24"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$2.49
Balsawood Strip 1/8x1/8x36"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$0.60
Balsawood Strip 1/8x1/4x36"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$0.79
Balsawood Strip 1/8x1/2x36"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$0.99
Balsawood Strip 1/2x1/2x36"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$2.79
Balsawood Sheet 1/16x3x36"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$2.29
Balsawood Sheet 3/32x3x36"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$1.99
Balsawood Sheet 1/8x3/36"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$2.29
Balsawood Sheet 1/6x4x36"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$2.55
Balsawood Sheet 1/8x4x36"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$3.29
Scarp Bag, BalsawoodMidwest Products Co., Inc.$8.49
Scarp Bag BasswoodMidwest Products Co., Inc.$8.49
Basswood Sheet 1/8x3/24"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$2.99
Basswood Strip 1/6x3/16x24Midwest Products Co., Inc.$0.39
Balsawood Sheet 3/32x4x36"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$2.99
Plywd Sheet 3mmx12"x24"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$4.79
Plywd Sheet 6mmx12"x24"Midwest Products Co., Inc.$6.49
4 X 4 Galv AnglePrudential-southern Materials$6.99
Roof Edge Galv. 3" 1-1/2"x1-1/2"Prudential-southern Materials$2.49
Roof Edge Galv. 3"x3"x10'Prudential-southern Materials$7.99
Handrail Fir 1-1/2x1-5/8x96 1.60Randall Brothers Inc.$12.80
Moulding Base 9/16x4-1/4x8'Randall Brothers Inc.$11.49
Casing 5/8x2-1/4x96Randall Brothers Inc.$9.15
Apron 25/32x2-1/2x192Randall Brothers Inc.$0.90
Drip Cap 1-1/16x2x96Randall Brothers Inc.$9.89
Oak Shoe 1/2x3/4Randall Brothers Inc.$4.80
Mull 3/8x1-1/2x96Randall Brothers Inc.$4.25
Mull 3/8x2x96Randall Brothers Inc.$6.98