Electric Fryers & Skillets

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Grill Heritage SatinBethany Housewares$89.99
Fryer Deep Cool TouchDelonghi America Inc$79.99
Skillet /grid StepsavorHamilton Beach Proctor Silex$69.99
Heat TrivetHarold Import Co Inc$7.99
Heat DeffuserHarold Import Co Inc$14.99
Stove TammerHarold Import Co Inc$6.99
Ultra Large GriddleHudson Standard Corp$69.99
Pan Fry Elec 11" PrestoNational Presto Industries$33.99
Fryer Fry BabyNational Presto Industries$29.99
Fryer Fry DaddyNational Presto Industries$32.99
Fryer Deep Grapappy PrstNational Presto Industries$46.99
Presto 12" S.s. SkilletNational Presto Industries$89.99
Skillet 16" W/glasscoverNational Presto Industries$79.99
Profry Deep FryerNational Presto Industries$66.99
Dualbasket, Profry Deep FryerNational Presto Industries$79.99
Liddle Griddle Mini-griddleNational Presto Industries$34.99
Dualdaddy Deep FryerNational Presto Industries$39.99
Fryer Deep Cool DaddyNational Presto Industries$49.99
Pan Fry Elec 16" JumboNational Presto Industries$54.99
Fryer Deep 6qtRival Mfg$34.99
Fryer Deep Cool WallRival Mfg$47.99
Skillet Electric 12"ssRival Mfg$89.99
Skillet Electric 12"ssRival Mfg$89.99
Oster Folding GriddleSunbeam-oster Household Prod.$59.99
Griddle 20.5"x10.5"Toastmaster Appliances, Inc.$49.99
Griddle 15x10.5"Toastmaster Appliances, Inc.$34.99
Griddle 15x10.5"Toastmaster Appliances, Inc.$34.99
Pan Brunch Electric 9"Toastmaster Appliances, Inc.$22.99
Griddle 15"x10-1/2"Toastmaster Appliances, Inc.$42.49
Griddle 20.5"x10.5"Toastmaster Appliances, Inc.$49.99
Skillet Elec12"slvrstoneWest Bend Co$38.49