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Oil Lamp Wick Flat 5/8"21st Century Inc.$1.99
Classic Lite21st Century Inc.$18.49
Clear Glass Oil Lamp21st Century Inc.$10.99
Green Glass Oil Lamp21st Century Inc.$12.99
Victorian Brass Oil Lamp21st Century Inc.$18.99
Blue Moon--'tall' Oil Lamp21st Century Inc.$16.99
Sunrise 12" Tall Oil Lamp21st Century Inc.$19.99
Harvest Moon 15" Oil Lamp21st Century Inc.$13.49
Morning Lite 12.5"oil Lamp21st Century Inc.$12.99
Mystic Oil Lamp 16"21st Century Inc.$17.99
Diamond Lamp Clear Cut 13" Tall21st Century Inc.$12.99
14.7" Lantern21st Century Inc.$21.99
10" Fireside Lamp--pewter21st Century Inc.$22.99
10" Fireside Lamp--copper21st Century Inc.$14.99
10" Fireside Lamp--brass21st Century Inc.$14.99
10 3/4" Railroad Lantern-black21st Century Inc.$17.99
Coach Lantern Black/gold21st Century Inc.$25.99
Country Classic 14" Lamp21st Century Inc.$24.99
1-1/2x8 Flat Wick21st Century Inc.$2.99
1/2x8 Flat Wick21st Century Inc.$1.99
3/8x8 Flat Wick21st Century Inc.$1.99
1/16x4 Round Wick21st Century Inc.$1.99
Rayo 2" Dia.x7-1/2" Wick21st Century Inc.$18.99
1/4"x8 Long Torch Wick21st Century Inc.$1.99
3/8x8 Long Torch Wick21st Century Inc.$2.49
1/2x8 Long Torch Wick21st Century Inc.$3.89
1x8 Long Torch Wick21st Century Inc.$5.69
3/4x8" Round Wick21st Century Inc.$3.49
Wick Torch 3/16 X 4"21st Century Inc.$1.99
Emergency Candle21st Century Inc.$2.99
Moonlite21st Century Inc.$13.49
Dietz Moon Lite Oil Cdl21st Century Inc.$21.95
Candle Christmas TreeAkcents Inc$8.99
Candle Gingerbread HouseAkcents Inc$8.99
American Classic Oil LampAladdin Ind Lamp Division$39.99
Chimney Replace Oil LampAladdin Ind Lamp Division$19.99
Aladdin Heel-less ChimneyAladdin Ind Lamp Division$24.99
Citronella Fuel 32ozAladdin Ind Lamp Division$1.99
Burnr BrassAladdin Ind Lamp Division$52.99
Oil Lamp WickAladdin Ind Lamp Division$12.49