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Parchment PaperHarold Import Co Inc$2.99
Mirror Door 12x48"Marsel Mirror$11.89
Styrofoam Cup Dispenser 4-10ozOffice Depot$29.99
Styrofoam Cup Dispenser 12-24ozOffice Depot$32.99
Mirror Door 14x54 RectStanley Hardware Mirror Prod$24.99
15 X 22 Utility MirrorStanley Hardware Mirror Prod$15.99
16 X 23 MirrorStanley Hardware Mirror Prod$15.99
Mirror Rect Oak 16"x30"Stanley Hardware Mirror Prod$26.99
Mirror Rect Oct Oak 16"xStanley Hardware Mirror Prod$44.99
Mirror Rect Oak 20"x24"Stanley Hardware Mirror Prod$38.99
Mirror Wall Bevel 24x30"Stanley Hardware Mirror Prod$25.99
Gallery Mirror BlackStanley Hardware Mirror Prod$48.99
Mirror Bevel Door 16x60"Stanley Hardware Mirror Prod$29.99
Mirror 12x14 Wall BlackStanley Hardware Mirror Prod$9.89
Styrofoam 3" Balls 6pieceMichaels Arts & Crafts Store$6.99
Styrofoam 3-7/8x11-7/8" ConeMichaels Arts & Crafts Store$8.99
Styrofoam 3-7/8x8-7/8" ConeMichaels Arts & Crafts Store$7.49
Styrofoam 5" BallMichaels Arts & Crafts Store$6.99
Styrofoam 2" Balls 12 PcsMichaels Arts & Crafts Store$7.99
Styrofoam 15/16x11-7/8" StarMichaels Arts & Crafts Store$7.99
Styrofoam 2-7/8x5-7/8" ConeMichaels Arts & Crafts Store$4.99
Styrofoam Ring 1-7/8x1-7/8x11-7/Michaels Arts & Crafts Store$9.99
Styrofoam Ring 1-15/6x15-11/16Michaels Arts & Crafts Store$12.99
Tape Measure Cloth 60"Michaels Arts & Crafts Store$1.99
Tape Measure Cloth 120"Michaels Arts & Crafts Store$1.49