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Probe Set 3pc 
#870 Rigid Rasp Saw Blade 
#865 Fast Cut Saw Blade 
Cutter Pipe #127 
Cutter Tubing/pipe #126 
Punch Hollow Steel 1/2" 
Puller Cotter Pin 7.5" 
Cutter Hole 7/8-4" 
Cutter Hole 1 3/4-8" 
Plier Punch Revolving 
Punch 1/8" Hollow Steel 
Punch 3/16"hollow Steel 
Punch 1/4" Hollow Steel 
Punch 5/16"hollow Steel 
Punch 3/8" Hollow Steel 
Bender Compound Tubing 
Screwdriver Starter Slot 
Scrdrvr Offset 5-1/4" 
Screwdrivr Set Jewelr605 
Jig Doweling Center Set 8pc 
Punch Center #806general 
Scribe Needlepoint5-5/16 
Pencil Compass 
Holder Soapstone 
Plumbbob 10oz Gen Hrdwe 
Plumbbob 12oz Gen Hrdwe 
Plumbbob 16oz Gen Hrdwe 
Rule 6" Pocket Scale 
Caliper 4" Pocket Slide 
Caliper 5" Vernier 
Caliper 6" Outside 
Gauge Depth/angle 6"rule 
Protractor 6" Arm 
Micrometer 0-1"satin Fin 
Point Trammel Adjustable 
Gauge Contour 6"x3-1/2" 
Pickup Tool Mag 8-3/4" 
Mirror Inspect 1-1/4"rnd 
Mirror Inspect 3-1/2"x2" 
Protractor/angle Finder