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Bit Drill Spltpl 1/16cd2 
Saw Dovetail Reversible 
Blade Circ7-1/4"24t Bulk 
Die Hex 1-13/16"-7/8-9nc 
Die Hex 1 13/16-7/8-14nf 
Die Hex 1 13/16"-1-8nc 
Die Hex 1-13/16"-1-14ns 
Tap Plug 7/8-9nc Thd 
Tap Plug 7/8-14nf Thd 
Tap Plug 1-8 Nc Thd 
Tap Plug 1-14ns Thd 
Die Stock Adj 1-13/16 Hx 
Toolbox Durabull 12" 
Toolbox Durabull 20" 
Toolbox Durabull 16" 
Hold Down Clamp & Mtg Kit 
Tap Pipe 1-11-1/2npt 
Bit Drill #1 Unibit 
Bit Drill #3 Unibit 
Bit Drill #4 Unibit 
Bit Drill #20 Unibit 
Clamp Hold-down 11" 
Clamp Corner Kit Qck Grp 
Clamp Bar 12" W/2 Spring 
Tool Box In A Step Stool 
Clamp Spring 1"quick Gri 
Clamp Spring 2"quick Gri 
Clamp Spring 3" Quick Gr 
Spreader Clamp 7-1/4 To 27-1/2 
1" X 13" Perc Mas Bit 
5/64" Hss 'bullet' Bit 
3/32 Turbomax Dr Bulk 
7/64 Turbomax Dr Bulk 
1/8 Yurbomax Dr Bulk 
5/32 Turbomax Dr Bulk 
3/16" Hss 'bullet' Bit 
13/64 Turbomax Dr Bulk 
7/32 Turbomax Dr Bulk 
15/64 Turbomax Dr Bulk 
5/16" Hss 'bullet' Bit