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Burnr Brass 
American Classic Oil Lamp 
Chimney Replace Oil Lamp 
Lamp Kerosen/oil 19.5" 
Aladdin Heel-less Chimney 
Citronella Fuel 32oz 
Kerosene Lamp W/wall Brkt--alum 
Flat Wick For Fw Lamps 
Mantle Kone Kap N146 
Classic Chrome Lamp 
Brass Heritage/ Red Ribbed Shade 
Classic Brass Lamp 
Oil Lamp Wick 
Aladdin Oil Lamp Wick A & C 
Aladdin Oil Lamp Wick 21 & 21c 
Brass Heritage Lamp W/grn Shade 
Chrome Table Lamp W/blu Rose Shd 
Old Rose Majestic Oil Lamp 
Brass Oil Burner Replacement 
Nickel Oil Burner Replacement 
Pink Lincoln Drape Lamp 
10" Champagne Rose Shade 
Flame Spreader F/12 Thru 23 
10" Shade Ring Spreader Brass 
10" Shade Ring Spreader Chrome 
Lamp Kerosen/oil 19.5" Genie Ii 
Clear Lincoln Drape-less Shade 
Brass Heritage Lamp W/wht Shade 
Stainless Heritage W/cry Wht Top 
Aluminum Table Lamp-less Shade 
Aluminum Shelf Lamp-less Shade 
Cobalt Lincoln Drape Lamp 
10" Crystal Shade 
Chimney Oillamp15"2-5/8" 
Stainless Heritage W/o Top 
Opal Glass Blue Floral Lamp 
Cobalt Lincoln W/blue Meadow Sha 
Cobalt Lincoln Drape Lamp 
Emerald Lincoln W/green Rose Sha 
Emerald Lincoln Drape