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Bar Flat 1/8x1x8' Alum 
Stel Sheet26gagalv12x18 
Steel Sheet26ga Galv12x2 
Steel Sheet26ga Galv24x2 
Steel Weldable22ga12x18" 
Steel Weldable22ga24x24" 
Screen Expanded1/2x24x24 
Screen Expanded1/2x16x30 
Screen Expanded3/4x24x24 
Rod 1/4x4' Aluminum 
Rod 3/8x4' Aluminum 
Bar Flat 1/16x3/4x4'alum 
Bar Flat 1/16x1x4' Alum 
Bar Flat 1/16x1-1/4x4'al 
Bar Flt1/16x1-1/2x4'alum 
Bar Flat 1/8x3/4x4' Alum 
Bar Flat 1/8x1x4' Alum 
Bar Flat1/8x1-1/2x4'alum 
Bar Flat 1/8x2x4' Alum 
Bar Flat 1/4x1x4' Alum 
Angle 1/16x1/2x4' Alum 
Angle 1/16x3/4x4' Alum 
Angle 1/16x1x4' Alum 
Angle 1/16x1-1/2x4' Alum 
Angle 1/16x2x4' Aluminum 
Angle 1/8x3/4x4' Alum 
Angle 1/8x1x4' Alum 
Angle 1/8x1-1/2x4' Alum 
Angle 1/8x2x4' Aluminum 
Channel Trim 1/4"-4'alum 
Channel Trim 3/8"-4'alum 
Channel Trim 1/2"-4'alum 
Channel Trim 5/8"-4'alum 
Channel Trim 3/4"-4'alum 
Tube Round 3/4x4' Alum 
Tube Round 1x4' Alum 
Tube Square 3/4x4' Alum 
Tube Square 1x4' Alum