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Blade Chop Saw 14" 
Blade Masonry 14" 
Wheel Wire Coarse 5" V-a 
Wheel Wire Fine 6" V-a 
Pad Bench Vise 24x36" 
Bit Drill Shk Hex 1/16 
Bit Drill Shank Hex 5/64 
Bit Drill Shank Hex 3/16 
Bit Drill Shank Hex 7/32 
Bit Drill Shank Hex 1/4 
Core Box Rtr Bit 1/4 
Core Box Rtr Bit 3/8 
Dovetail Rtr Bit 9/16 
Roman Ogee Rtr Bit 5/32" 
Slotting Cutter Rtr Bit 1/16 
Slotting Cutter Rtr Bit 5/64 
8"x5/32" Chainsaw File 
H01516 Hole Saw 1-5/16" 
Strt Rtr Bit 5/16 
Flush Laminate Bit 1/4" 
Traditional Rtr Bit 1/2" 
Traditional Rtr Bit 3/4" 
Ogee Rtr Bit 1/2" 
Ogee Rtr Bit 3/4" 
Core Box Rtr Bit 3/8" 
Core Box Rtr Bit 5/8" 
Beading Rtr Bit 3/8" 
Cove Rtr Bit 1/4" 
Cove Rtr Bit 1/2" 
Blade Recip 6"10t Wd Ace 
Classical Rtr Bit 1-1/4 
Ogee Rtr Bit W/fillet 1-3/8" 
Corner Round Rtr Bit 5/16" 
Blade Jig Stl3-1/8"10tc2 
Blade Jig Knife 3-1/8"c2 
Blade Jig Nfm2.75"19tcd2 
Blade Jig Stl3-5/8"8tcd2 
Blade Set Jigsaw20pc Ace 
#911 Hacksaw Blade 10in 18t 
#912 Hacksaw Blade 10in 24t