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Nut Compression 7/8" Brs 
Sleeve Brass 7/8"od 
Elbow Drop Ear 1/2" 
Flare Elbow 1/4x1/8 
Flare Connect1/4f1/8m Br 
Sleeve Delrin 1/2" Bag 
Brass Hex Nipple 3/4 
Nipple Hex 1/2x3/8" 
Control Nut 1/4" Card 
Cap Gas Appliance 15/16" 
Connect Comp5/8x1/2fp Br 
Nipple 1/8mpt1.5"brs Bag 
Nipple Brass 1/4x1-1/2 
Nipple 1/8mpt2" Brs Bag 
Nipple 1/8ips 2.5" Brass 
Brass Nipple 1/8xclose 
Brss Nipple 1/4xclose 
Nipple Brass 3/8xclose 
Union Compressn5/8x3/8br 
Barb Hose 1/8hbx1/8mpt 
Barb Hose 3/16hbx1/8mpt 
Barb Hose 1/4hb X 3/8fpt 
Barb Hose 3/8hb X 3/8fpt 
Barb Hose 3/8hb X 1/2fpt 
Barb Hose 1/2hb X 3/8fpt 
3/8 Hose Barb X 1/4 Fspt 
3/8 Hose Barb X 3/8 Fspt 
1/2 Hose Barb X 1/2 Fspt 
Barb Hose 1/4hb X 1/8fpt 
Barb Hose 1/4hb X 1/4fpt 
Barb Hose 3/8hb X 1/4fpt 
Barb Hose 1/2hb X 1/2fpt 
Union Compressn5/8x1/2br 
Couple 1/4fip1/8mip Y Bg 
Braspipe Adapt3/8 "fpt X1/4 "mpt 
Valve Needle 1/4x1/8"mpt 
Fitting 3/4flarex1/2mpt 
Fitting 3/4flarex3/4mpt 
3/4 Male Flare X 1/2 Fpt 
3/4 Male Flare X 3/4 Fpt