W R Case & Sons Cutlery Co

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Kitchen Shears 
M1059l Ss Executive Lockback 
Mini-trapper 2 Blade 
3318 Cv Med Stkman Yellow 
6318 Ss Med Stkman Amber Bone 
Knife Pkt Peanut2-3/4"bl 
6333ss Stockman 2-5/8" 
Pen 2 Blade 
2137ss Knife Sodbustr Jr3-5/8" 
61048ss 1 Blade 4-1/8" Case 
3254 Cv Trapper Yellow 
6254 Cv Pkt 4-1/8"bld Brwn 
6254 Ss Trapper Amber Bone 
63087ss Knife Pkt Stockmn3-1/4" 
Knife Mini Blkhorn 3-1/8 
Stainless Lock Blade 
3207 Cv Mini Trapper Yellow 
3220cv Pkt2-7/8" Peanut Yellow 
Knife Pkt4-1/8"utility 
3137 Cv Sod Buster,jr Yellow 
6254 Ss Trap Pock Worn Old Red 
6318 Ss Med Stkman Poc Wrn Ol'rd 
6220 Ss Peanut Pock Worn Old Red 
Yellow 3-1/2" Congress 
Yellow Canoe 
3375 Cv Lrg Stkman Yellow 
32087 Cv Yellow 
Knife Pkt 2blade Bone 
Coca-cola & Case Gift Tin 
61549lss Pkt Worn Old '549l 
2159l Ss Hammerhead W/lthr Sheat 
6254 Ss Trap Poc Worn Blk Bone 
Th62165 Poc Hunt Poc Worn Blk Bn 
610096 Ss Sm Tx Tooth Poc Wrn Bk 
63032 Ss Med Stkman Worn Blk Bon 
61749l Ss Mini Coplock Poc Worn 
Muskrat Pocket Worn Blk Bone 
61048 Ss Barehead Slim Trap Blk 
Tb6339 Ss Sow Belly Poc Wrn Blk 
Coca-cola/santa & Case Gift Tin