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Trowl 10.5x5-3/8"brick $29.99
Trowl 10.5x4-5/8"brick R $28.99
Trowl 11x4-3/4brick Rose $29.99
Trowl11.5x4-7/8brik Rose $29.99
Trowl 12"x5" Brick Rose $28.99
Trowl12.5x5.25brick Rose $29.99
Br Trowel 11x5-5/8 $26.99
Br Trowel 11-1/2x5-3/4 $27.99
Trowl11.5x4-7/8brik Rose $29.99
Jointer5/8&3/4"grapevine $18.49
See Kraft Tools For Rose Trowels $0.00