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Pneumatic Caulk Gun 10.5 Oz 
Solder Iron 25w Kit 
Solder Iron 25w #sp23 
Solder Iron 40w #sp40 
Hacksaw No.12p, High 
Solder Iron 80w #sp80 
Solder Iron 120w #sp120 
Soldering Iron 175 Watt 
Tip Solder Cone 1/8" Cd2 
Tip Solder 1/8"screwdrvr 
Solder Iron Rplc Tip 
Tip Solder Chisel 1/4cd2 
Tip Solder Chisel 1/4cd2 
Tip Soldering Copper Cd2 
Tip Solder Copper W/nuts 
Tip Solder Cutting 
Tip Solder Smoothing 
Tip Solder Copper + Nuts 
Tip Solder Iron&tin8125n 
Solder Iron 3/8" 10mm 
Rule 1"tape 25' Vis Orng 
Tape 1"x25' Series 1000 Yellow 
Plier 6" Slip Jnt Cooper 
Hammer Claw13oz Wd Plum 
Hammer Claw16oz Wd Coopr 
Hammer Claw20oz Wd Plum 
Hammer Claw 13oz Fbrgls 
Hammer Claw16oz Fibrgls 
Hammer Claw Fibr 16oz 
Hammer Claw20oz Fib Plum 
Hammer Rip16oz Fib Prem 
Hammer Rip22oz Fib Prem 
Hammer Blacksmith's 40oz 
Hammer Blacksmith's 48oz 
40oz Engineers Hmmr 
Hammer Engineers 48oz 
Hammer Brick 15oz Wood 
Hammer Brick 15oz Plumb 
Hammer Brick 24oz Plumb 
Hatchet Shingl 2-1/8xprt